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The Orchid Whisperer (10 Photos)

The Orchid Whisperer (10 Photos)

“Dendrobium gouldii.” © Frazier King

Frazier King of Houston, Texas, not only photographs orchids, he also grows them. He says that the flower “has a dual nature: both a creature from its own exotic world and a reflection of our sensual or spiritual nature.” To capture each orchid in its own unique way, he uses a 4 x 5 Deardorff camera with a long lens and long bellows. King explains, “I subject each Polaroid Type 55 negative to the solarization technique (made famous by Man Ray) in order to create the atmosphere or environment in which each orchid lives its unique existence. Each negative is printed in a straightforward way on warm tone silver gelatin paper and toned with selenium.”


“Cattleya intermedia var. alba.” © Frazier King


“Cattleya percivaliana.” © Frazier King


“Brassia odontoglossam Longlen ‘Bill Switzer.’” © Frazier King


“Brassia Rex ‘Pajaro’ (Stardust x longissima) No. 1.” © Frazier King


“Brassia doctacosa x Miltonia ‘Seminole Blood.'” © Frazier King


“Paphiopedilum delophyllum (glaucophyllum x delenati).” © Frazier King


“Paphiopedilum delenatii.” © Frazier King


“Phragmipedium and Paphiopedilum delophyllum.” © Frazier King


“Phragmipedium.” © Frazier King


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  1. Frazier,

    I think it’s safe to say these are timeless masterpieces! Mesmerizing images! Can I say you are the Atget of Orchids? No, better yet, you are the King of Orchids! I love these pictures! Congratulations!


  2. Frankly I don’t understand why these pictures should be more artsy than the usual full color soft high-res. They look like pictures from the 19s to me (is that why some called them timeless?). Oh well, I’ll come back in 5-10 years time and maybe I’ll understand (or not).

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