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The Real Unknown (6 Photos)

The Real Unknown (6 Photos)

“100 Prime Mountain Acres, Whitetop, Virginia, 2011.” © Justin James Reed

Portland, Oregon-native Justin James Reed set out to study the relationship between the allure of the natural world and the constant urge a person faces to alter his or her surroundings. Focusing on parcels of land advertised by real estate agents and developers, Reed captures the natural landscapes before they are demolished by builders. Named after the term Lewis and Clark used in their personal journals as they left to explore the new western United States territory, “The Real Unknown” looks at how the American landscape has gone from uncharted wilderness to a divided and carefully thought out development in only a few generations. “For some, these spaces represent pure commodity, another opportunity to profit from the unceasing development of America,” Reed says. “However, spending time in these places has given me a different perspective. I see a world with sublime and contemplative qualities. One that holds mystery, still offers the potential for discovery, and challenges our understanding of exactly what it is and should become.” Reed is part of the 2012 Review Santa Fe 100.


“20 Acres, Approved Commercial Sites, Estero, Florida, 2010.” © Justin James Reed


 “81+ Acres With Frontage on HWY 26, Banks, Oregon, 2011.” © Justin James Reed


 “31 Acres Residential, 2 Acres Commercial, Portage, Indiana, 2010.” © Justin James Reed


 “Class ‘A’ Office Building, Malvern, Pennsylvania, 2009.” © Justin James Reed


 “1879+/- Acres, 1.5 Miles Shoreline, 3.7+/- Miles Road Front, Abingdon, Virginia, 2011.” © Justin James Reed



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