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Lions of the Sea

Peter Liu wears many hats. He spent years working in the tech-driven world of Silicon Valley, California, and is now a tech and social media consultant in Hawaii. But he also has a passion for photography, so after becoming a certified scuba diver in the 1990s, he started diving with a digital camera in order to capture underwater creatures. The image above was taken while diving at Carlos Beach in Monterey, California. “This particular shot was a fluke that occurred on the way back from a dive,” Liu says. “One of my strobe arms got wrapped around a strand of kelp and I was untangling it when I turned around and noticed these curious sea lions following me back. I took the opportunity and pressed the shutter, even though the camera was still tangled and I didn’t have time to really frame the shot or get the settings right. It was terribly underexposed. It took some doing to coax the shot out later in Photoshop, but it was well worth it. The accidental composition is priceless.”

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