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Naked Spring (9 Photos)

Naked Spring (9 Photos)

© Thilde Jensen. Above: Mom in morning, Tennessee 2011.

Photographer Thilde Jensen‘s series “Naked Spring features images she made while recovering from environmental illness, a debilitating disease in which everyday chemicals bring on a range of symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, fever and muscle aches. After being diagnosed, Jensen left the urban world for seven years, moving from her apartment in New York City to tents and trailers throughout rural areas of the Northeast and Southwest United States to avoid the various triggers that bring on the symptoms of her disease. Once she was able to get her illness under control, Jensen photographed the changing environment from winter to spring to illustrate, not only the new world brought about by the warmer weather, but the new life journey she would embark being disease-free. Throughout the series, each image creates unrest and uncertainties, by using ominous lighting and dull colors, leaving the viewer wondering what’s next.

Thilde Jensen is part of the 2012 Review Santa Fe 100. In addition, Jensen’s project Canaries received Honorable Mention in Center’s Project Competition.

© Thilde Jensen. Above: Snow, Truxton, New York 2011.


© Thilde Jensen. Above: Woodsmoke Alpine forest fire, New Mexico 2011.



© Thilde Jensen. Above: Cows at feed lock, Texas 2011.



© Thilde Jensen. Above: After the tornado, Joplin, Missouri 2011.




© Thilde Jensen. Above: At night,Tucson, Arizona 2011.



© Thilde Jensen. Above: Ned’s mannequin wife, Syracuse, New York 2011.




© Thilde Jensen. Above: Secretary, Dallas, Texas 2011.



© Thilde Jensen. Above: Killer bee man, Portal, Arizona 2011.


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