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Time Capsule (10 Photos)

Time Capsule (10 Photos)

© Titus Simoens

The fifth annual Summershow at Foto8 kicked off July 7, highlighting the work of 159 artists from around the globe. Dubbed the “greatest photography spectacle in London,” images hang in the “Salon de Photographie” and range in subject matter, exploring everything from newsworthy events, including the riots in London and the conflict in Libya, to personal moments in a photographer’s life, but share the common theme that they examine events that occurred over the past year. Aside from being included in the show, the photographers competed for two awards: The Best in Show award, which was given to photographer Titus Simoens (for the image above) and included a $3, 100 prize, and The Peoples Favorite award, which is voted on by the show’s attendees and announced on the final day. The event will run through August 18.

– Captions courtesy Foto 8.

Simoens image above is part of a series that focuses on a boarding school in Ostend, Belgium which undertakes children suffering from behavioral problems and unstable homes.


© Sarah Rhodes. Above: Set in Tasmania, artist Sarah Rhodes created a series exploring the different customs set for young boys and girls as they enter into their adulthood years.

© Jean-Marc Caimi. Above: Caimi captured this former musician and composer who became homeless after the death of his mother.

© Michael Heffernan. Above: While on a beach in Sri Lanka, photographer Michael Heffernanwitnessed the country’s Special Boat Squadron training session on the beach. The squadron follows the motto, ‘deadly when wet.

© Emily Ainsworth. Above: Dancers take a moment to perfect their hand movements between acts at the Circo Vazquez in Mexico City.

© Allan Campbell. Above: An intimate moment between two spectators during a rock concert.

© Massimo Barberio. Above: On October 15 protest fighting broke out during the rise of the 99% in Rome. Facing a meek economy Italian protestors took part in an urban guerrilla mentality.

© Mihir Hardikar. Above: A little boy stops to think while his friends get ready to take to the sea with their paper boat. Hardikar created a ­series focused on depicting the world through the eyes of children relating their growing imaginations to success in the real world.

© Yusuke Harada.  Rebel fighters take a moment to pray on the road in the outskirts of Sadada, Libya. Many rebel fighters set up base in Sadada in a strategy looking to undertake Sirte. This image received Honorable Mention in the Foto8 exhibit.

 © Timothy Allen. Above: Located in the Western Highlands of New Guinea, the skeleton tribe paints themselves in hopes of frightening off the enemy.

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