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The Wisdom of the Group (9 Photos)

The Wisdom of the Group (9 Photos)


© Thomas Gardiner. Above: “Untitled, 2011.”

To celebrate the completion of their MFA program at Yale University, nine students are being honored in the exhibition “Group Portrait, the 2012 Yale MFA Photography Thesis Show,” on view through July 21 at the Ana Tzarev gallery in New York City. Curated by Sabrina Wirth of Wirth Art Advisory, the show includes photos by Peter Baker, Richard Choi, Felix R. Cid, Thomas Gardiner, Pao Houa Her, Katie Koti, Kate A. T. Merrill, Sarah Muehlbauer and Maayan Strauss. The exhibition features work from a book the group put together at the end of the two-year graduate program. Each artist takes a new approach to portraiture, capturing a variety of subjects–from intimate family moments to veterans of war. Tonight at the gallery, from 6 pm to 8 pm, there will be an informal discussion with the artists and art critic Ricky Moody, who wrote the introduction to the group’s photo book.

© Kate A. T. Merrill. Above: “My Parents in January, 2012.”



© Sarah Muehlbauer.


© Katie Koti. Above: Grapefruit, 2011.


© Richard Choi. Untitled (Prayer), 2011.


© Peter Baker. Above: Man Looking into Jewelry Store, The Bronx. 2011.



© Maayan Strauss. Above: Untitled 3, 2012.

© Pao Houa Her. Above: Pao in Rice Field, 2011.


© Felix R. Cid. Above: Bull Fight, Madrid.

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