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Editta Sherman: The Queen of Celebrity Portraiture

In honor of Editta Sherman’s one hundredth birthday, gallery 25CPW in New York City is celebrating the longtime photographer, known for her pioneering approach to portraiture. Started by her father Nunzio Rinaolo, who was a wedding photographer, Sherman perfected the new technique of using indoor studio light to highlight and darken the features of her portrait subjects, thereby creating a sense of shadows and reflections with the light. Working with various celebrities, she completed over 100 studies and gained notoriety for her one-woman shows. Each portrait captures a tone that shows the famed celebrity in a new light. The New York Times critic Jacob Deschin wrote, “the alertness, sensitivity and sympathetic understanding required in portraiture, are reflected in most of Mrs. Sherman’s camera studies … the technical methods used should be less important to the amateur visitors at the show than her evident desire to get a truthful characterization.” The exhibition will feature 75 studies that showcase her skill in both black-and-white and color photography, and is showing from July 10 to July 29 during the gallery hours of 1 pm to 7:30 pm.

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  1. This is a stunning picture of Ty Power. I would like to know the year this was taken….I’m guessing l954-55. Do you know where I can find a collection of Ms. Sherman photographs of Mr. Power?

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