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Drive (10 images)

Drive (10 images)

All photos © Tina Hejtmanek.

 Returning to Marfa


Tina Hejtmanek’s photographs describe a sense of place in both a documentary and psychological sense. Her photos are tenuous records of road trips, landscapes and remote destinations. Employing traditional photographic methods (film / C-prints) Hejtmanek explores the United States to create images that convey a provocative and lyrical contemplation of travel, landscape and location. The resulting photographs distill the natural world into painterly explorations of mark, hue, light and form and examine the peripheries of impermanence.
Tina Hejtmanek lives and works in New York City and Marfa, Texas and is represented by Blackston Gallery in New York.



Minutes Away ( 8 Months til the End)


To the Ski Basin


Texas by Dusk, (Torn and Frayed)


To Miami


10 August (Ryusui Kusabana)


Hwy., 30 South thru Arkansas, 2


LA Sunrise (Will Rogers)


White Sands (Sacred)


Forgotten Horizon

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  1. I don’t know about the beauty and timelessness of the images but they definitely are interesting photos with plenty of lyrical nuance that were shot from a moving car alright. Mainly I’m jealous because I’d like to live in Marfa part of the year too.

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