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Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Study with Homemade Smoke Bomb, 2010 © Caleb Charland/Courtesy of ClampArt and Mazzeo Projects, New York City

Maine-based artist Caleb Charland will present two photographs from his “Fathom and Fray” series, in the Summer group exhibit “Into the Woods” at ClampArt. In addition to Charland, the show features photographic works by Corey Arnold, Anna Beeke, Larry Clark, Lisa Dilillo, Adam Ekberg, Nan Goldin, Gregory Halpern, Collin LaFleche, Sebastian Lemm, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Ahndraya Parlato, Chad States, Amy Stein, and Robert Voit. “Into the Woods” will be on view June 28–August 17 at ClampArt in New York City, the opening reception is Thursday, June 28, 6–8pm.

The woods commonly serve as metaphor for many things—including that which is mysterious, perhaps frightening, or simply unfamiliar. The forest marks the edge of mankind’s domain, and for centuries poets, composers, painters, and artists of all media have been inspired by what at first may seem outwardly calm and tranquil, but firmly delineates what should be the boundary of man’s authority.

—Text courtesy of ClampArt, New York City


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