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Radical Camp (10 Photos)

Radical Camp (10 Photos)

All photos © Tina Schula. Above: “Baader Meinhof Backlash”

In Radical Camp, photographer Tina Schula reflects upon the rise of extremist groups in the U.S. and Europe. Exploring the structure and strategy of such groups, Schula creates a narrative of images focused on a small group of men and women undergoing training for a deadly mission. Depicting various situations, from kidnappings to general meetings, each photograph emphasizes the vast complexity of extremist groups. Many pictures draw similarities to infamous cults and terrorist organizations of the past, such as Jim Jones and the Baader-Meinhof group, creating a feeling of familiarity and unrest. “By constructing an intricate narrative, I try to convey that, as with extremist groups, the need for social acceptance often outweighs ideology. Radical Camp is about the sudden radicalization of previously unpolitical, marginalized individuals. It depicts a deadly serious fictional scenario that could happen here and now,” Schula says.

Schula’s new series of work is on display at the Photoville fence in Brooklyn Bridge Park this week.

-courtesy Tina Schula





“Jim Jones Assembly”





“Mission Briefing”




“New Model Army”




“Coercive Persuasion”






“Operation Cupcake”

“Young and Eager”








“God, The Devil and His Speech”



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