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Surf Week: Big Wave Chaser (10 Photos)

Surf Week: Big Wave Chaser (10 Photos)

All Photos © Derek Dunfee. Above: Fiji, tail camera.

Derek Dunfee, a 29-year-old professional surfer and photographer from La Jolla, California, provides an intimate, behind-the-scenes view of the lifestyle of big wave surfers, and the excitement of surfing in exotic locations. “Chasing big surf almost always involves wild weather and high emotions which is always good for photos and video,” he says. “I do like to give the viewer a glimpse into what its like to be in these places. For example, for my Tail Camera series, I paddle into a wave with a pocket wizard in a water housing duct taped to my shoulder and snap the photo when I’m in the tube. That gives the viewer the feeling they are getting barreled.”

Dunfee learned photography from his twin brother, who studied at the Brooks Institute. Other photographers, including Pete Taras, Todd Glaser and Steve Sherman, provided Dunfee with encouragement and shooting tips. Dunfee’s stories and photos have been published in Surfer, Surfing and Transworld surf magazines. He has  also made a few short films.


Europe, 2011

Big wave crew watching 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro at Restaurants reef,  Tavarua Island, Fiji.

    Full Moon at Pipeline, Taken from 3rd story of Gerry Lopez Pipe house, North Shore, Oahu

Indansea beach, La Jolla, Ca

Leandro Usuna, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

 Pipeline lineup from the Volcom house, North Shore, Oahu

Danny Fuller, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Jeff Denholm, Central California

John Haffey, La Jolla, Ca

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