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Legendary Surf (5 Photos)

Legendary Surf (5 Photos)

All images © Art Brewer. Laird Hamilton on the edge of a volcanic rock formation on Easter Island, during filming for ABC’s “American Adventure,” 1995.

Now through June 30, the Arts Abroad Program at The School of Visual Arts in New York City is presenting “Art Brewer: Surf Evolution,” an exhibition of the the legendary surf photographer’s work, curated by Malcolm Lightner and Michelle Mercurio. The exhibition highlights more than 150 images that Brewer shot from the mid-1960s through the present, and includes work he has never previously shown. With pieces ranging from portraits of surf legends to picturesque landscapes and waterscapes, the show highlights Brewer’s diverse output. Brewer, whose photographs have shown worldwide and have appeared in over 35 surf magazines, is often described as “the court painter” for the world’s surfing elite. Brewer is known for mastering the technical and physical challenges involved in surf photography and still managing to take high quality images, which some have described as “portals to a vastly improved universe.” —Erica Siciliano

Bruce Irons, Bank Vaults, Mentawais Islands, Indonesia, 2009.

Rory Russell in Morocco 1983. Says Brewer: “This was part of a road trip that started in Portugal heading deep into Morocco in a self-contained Portuguese rental car that wasn’t supposed to leave Portugal. One month became two when the ABC wide world of sports crew showed up with Margo Oberg and football player Russ Francis to surf with Rory and Bruce Valluzzi for the world.”

Wayne Lynch getting ready at the overview Johanna, Southern Australia, 1978.

Barry Kanaiaupuni, Honolua Bay, Maui, 1971.

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  1. Art Brewer is a legend. I just saw these photos and they are insane!! A little overwhelming to see 40 years of surf photos all in one gallery show!!

  2. Art is a master of his craft. An inspiration for myself and many others in the industry, with his flawless technical skills and sense on moment as well as being all round nice guy. His ability too solve problems on the big jobs is what seperates Art from the mass of fisheye /facebook generation whom have been spwaned by the advent of digital .

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