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Famous Men

Famous Men

Liam Neeson © Michael Weschler

All Photos © Michael Weschler. Above: Liam Neeson

Editorial and commercial photographer Michael Weschler has been photographing celebrities over the past few years for assignments and personal projects. “I’m intrigued by the dialogue that happens when my camera confronts someone with strength of character, yet an honest vulnerability, and I’m pushing them to be present.” he says. Actors especially have a way of becoming the characters they play, and hiding their own identities from the camera, he explains. Big name actors “are typically intimidated by the grounding quality of the still camera. Their last experience was probably with some paparazzo who was catching them off-guard and in crappy lighting. With my work, I aim to put people at ease, so that these barriers are lifted, and we come together, in the interest of making a strong portrait. Once they know that’s why I’m there, and not to exploit them, it becomes a collaboration to get something else.” Weschler says he often has to stick to a script on assignments, “but once I’ve got that covered, or if I’m shooting a self-directed personal project, I prefer to capture a quiet moment.”   Kenny White, Musician at Home. Greenwich Village, NY

Richard Gere at The Bedford Post Inn


Portrait of Julian Schnabel at The Gramercy Park Hotel

Tim Dundon, Compost Wizard, and his Rooster, Elvis

Portrait of Harry Shearer at His Home, New Orleans

Rob Lowe at his Home During Construction, Santa Barbara

Chef Maarten Steenman working on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cake at La Tulipe

Liev Schreiber at home in SoHo, New York

Larry Silverstein at 7 World Trade Center

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