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The Invisible Line (6 Photos)

The Invisible Line (6 Photos)

 Fruit on the Beach


Ellen Jong‘s The Invisible Line uses photography, video and poetry to document how Jong remembers falling in love over a four-year period leading up to her wedding day. The work is intimate and echoes the bold and provocative sentiment of Nan Goldin and Tracey Emin, but with the snapshot aesthetic of William Eggelston. Highly adept at interjecting private moments into a public space, Jong’s work provides a window into realized and uninhibited displays of passion. Where most people fail at being able to completely let go, Jong travels deep into the nether lands of love where her heart acts as a compass.

“There is an invisible line,” say Jong, “that lies between my body and my mind. It withholds my deepest beliefs, fears, curiosities and desires. It is there to protect me. It is there to tell others where I stand, what is mine and why I am. In falling in love, I lost sight of my invisible line and I let it go. Love breaks down walls and sets you free.”

The Invisible Line is on view at Allegra LaViola Gallery in New York from June 5 – July 6, 2012



Birthday Flowers



Bloody Sheets

Mumu and Biscotti

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  1. Someone got a point and shoot for Christmas and decided to do a series? What terrible quality, come on! I expect more from you guys.

  2. Congratulations on getting these photos published on this Web site, I hope you will disregard those negative comments and remain positive about whatever you do. Negative People destroy only themselves..Good Luck and God Bless.

  3. Sadly, the art/education world has deemed that photography is no longer about the image, but about the narrative. Technique and talent and vision, long the mainstay of photographic art for the past 150 years, have been usurped by a well-written artist statement and an MFA degree. These types of point-and-shoot images are quite popular among contemporary galleries nowadays, despite being almost indecipherable, thus uninteresting, to the general public.

    Personally, I rather like a couple of these images but, unfortunately, find them quite forgettable.

  4. the shot of fruit on the beach was ok, but the rest went right over my head. a friend of mine did a series of tulips that were so painterly, unlike the image here. the pair of cockatoos could have been shot by any tourist and the sheet by any junior high school kid. i thought this site was for original and inspired photography.

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