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Arizona Dream (10 Photos)

Arizona Dream (10 Photos)


 Wedding Portrait (prop), 2008

Fascinated by the aggressive and over-the-top building and marketing of real estate in Arizona, Scott Lizama began photographing the extravagant interiors of model homes for sale. While photographing this series, the housing market collapsed, and the visual evidence of the Arizona construction boom was everywhere. The development companies, who had once tried to build as many houses as possible into their purchased plots, had gone bankrupt. These companies abandoned their projects mid-construction, forcing home owners with devalued new purchases to live next to half-built projects, and many acres of land with subdivision infrastructure in place, but no dwellings on them. These photographs depict both the crass facade of material wealth used to sell these houses, and the remains of what the housing market collapse left behind.
Scott Lizama is a photographer and PhD student in environmental psychology at the City University of New York and an adjunct faculty member at Parsons The New School for Design in New York city.

Gold Bathroom (with cinder block wall), 2008


Wild West Bedroom Motif, 2008


Empty Wine Glasses and Plaster Cinnamon Buns, 2008


Barbie Bedroom, 2008


Fake Cupcakes (with pinched cherry), 2008


Houses Designed to Maximize Space, 2010


Finish Them @ Least (abandoned single-story), 2010


Abandoned Subdivision: The Bridges at Gilbert, 2010


Abandoned two-story (with boarded up garage), 2010



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