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Mary Ellen Mark: Prom Portraits (3 Photos)

Mary Ellen Mark: Prom Portraits (3 Photos)

All Photos © Mary Ellen Mark

The high school prom is one of the most anticipated rites of passage for American teenagers. Prom (Getty Publications), a new photography book by Mary Ellen Mark, celebrates the ritual. From 2006 to 2009, Mark traveled across the United States to photograph prom-goers at 13 schools—parochial, private and public. She worked with a rare 20×24 camera and some of the last remaining stock of Polaroid 20×24 instant film. Mark’s husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, collaborated with her on the project to produce and direct a film, also called Prom, which features interviews with the students about their lives, dreams, and hopes for the future. A DVD of the film is packaged with the book

Above: Michael Glorioso and Eliza Wierzbinska. Tottenville High School, Staten Island, New York. June 16, 2006

Lucas Nathan and Grace Bush-Vineberg. Palisades Charter High School, Pacific Palisades, California. May 16, 2008

Miranda Banks and Candice Martin. Charlottesville High School, Charlottesville, Virginia. April 26, 2008

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