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In the Orbit of El Teide (3 Photos)

In the Orbit of El Teide (3 Photos)

All photos © Meike Nixdorf.

Berlin-based photographer Meike Nixdorf ‘s series, “In the Orbit of El Teide” explores the idea of perception by questioning  how much information is revealed and  hidden from the photographic frame. Nixdorf navigated the Canary Islands in Spain to capture the changing perspective and atmosphere of the mountain El Teide. As the texture and color in the foreground changes, one thing that remains the same is El Teide’s peak in the background. Nixdorf says, “It is only through looking at these images one-by-one that one realizes how much more information, visual aspects, perspectives or stories-to-be-told there are to just one single mountain–or to any subject matter basically.” See a short video documentary on the making of “in the Orbit of El Tiede”.

Nixdorf’s series was discovered by photo editor Leonor Mamanna of  New York magazine on the blog This isn’t Happiness. See more of our industry leaders’ favorite sources for photography here in the “Like” List featured in PDN‘s current Photo Annual issue.


“El Teide, view # 06”




“El Teide, view # 02”

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