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Animals That Saw Me (6 Photos)

Animals That Saw Me (6 Photos)



All photos © Ed Panar.

While exploring the streets and back roads of North America, Pittsburgh based photographer Ed Panar has sometimes found himself unexpectedly confronted by other beings. For a moment, eye contact is made and a kind of mutual recognition is felt. Animals That Saw Me, published by The Ice Plant, is a quiet and often hilarious series of photographs pulled from his archive spanning 17 years recording some of his most unexpected encounters with the nonhuman world. A meditation on the uncanny moment of acknowledgement between species, the photographs in Animals That Saw Me reminds us that we must appear at least as strange to them as they do to us. – courtesy The Ice Plant.



















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  1. Ok…..how do these photos merit being published? All of the photos are different in composition, lighting, and quality. Anyone with a camera could call themselves a photographer and take pictures of animals and claim that they are also looking back at them. Oh look, I took a picture of that pigeon and he is definitely looking at me!

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