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Stan Gaz: Ensnared

Stan Gaz: Ensnared

Hunter Pressing on Fallen Game with Rifle 2, 2010 © Stan Gaz/Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

With his second solo show at the gallery, Stan Gaz presents “Ensnared.” The opening reception for “Ensnared” will be Thursday, May 17, 6–8pm at ClampArt in New York City, the exhibit will be on view until June 23rd.

“Ensnared” considers themes of loss, transformation, and memory. Throughout these images, ensnarement is allegorized by the actions and effects of the archetypes of the hunter and the hunted. Gaz finds these roles to be oddly inter-changeable, caught in a cycle in which each is incarcerated by the other—trapped by longing, manipulation, and other forms of daily violence.

Divided into three suites or chapters, “Ensnared” includes painted photographs of vintage butterfly specimens, images taken during winter hunting expeditions in the Western United States, and haunting prints of an astronaut armed with a butterfly net out to catch fleeting samples of a vanishing world. The exhibition also includes video footage of the astronaut in Central Park, along with a massive, twenty-foot, stainless steel sculpture representing his net.

—Text courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

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