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A Girl and Her Room (10 Photos)

A Girl and Her Room (10 Photos)

All Photos © Rania Matar.

Rania Matar captures the interior lives of teenage girls in intimate portraits shot within the personal spaces of their bedrooms. From stark and paint-chipped to clothing-cluttered and graffitied, the rooms offer an insiders’ peek into the girls values, desires, fears. Photographing girls from both the United States and Lebanon, Matar’s unbiased documentary questions what it means to grow from girl to woman, and how our identities spill over into our material worlds. With essays by Susan Minot and Anne Tucker, A Girl and Her Room is a captivating study of teenage self-expression. – courtesy Umbrage Editions.


Above: Lubna,  Beirut, Lebanon 2010

Anna F, Winchester, Massachusetts 2009



Christilla, Rabieh, Lebanon 2010.



Karla, Cambridge, Massachusetts 2011.





Shannon, Boston, Massachusetts 2010



Ellice, Jamaica Plain, Massachusett 2010.



Danielle, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 2010


Rociao, Dorchester, Massachusetts 2010




Reem, Doha, Lebanon 2010.









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  1. A very interesting theme …beautifully captured and show of different moods though I didn’t see a happy face ..

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