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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (7 Photos)

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (7 Photos)



All photos © Pinhole Cameras by Chris Keeney (Princeton Architectural Press)

April 29 is Pinhole Photography Day. The old fashioned process is still used by many photographers around the world, and Princeton Architectural Press recently published Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide by Chris Keeney. The book presents in-depth instructions on how to build your own pinhole camera using a variety of materials, from shoe boxes to coffee cans. Pinhole enthusiasts are encouraged to upload the pinhole images they make on Sunday, April 29 to this website.

Above: Pink Pinto. Baja California, Mexico. PinHolga. Fugi Provia 100 F 35mm, slide film. 2-second exposure.

Lost in Time. San Diego, CA. Lavazza coffee can. Ilford MG IV 5×7 in. paper negative 1 1/2 minute exposure.


Inspire. San Diego, CA. MintyCam. Kodak Gold 200 ISO 35mm negative film. 1-second exposure.



The Flow of Life. Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA. Zero Image 6×9 pinhole. Fugi Provia 400X 120 mm slide film. 3-second exposure.



Toys. Chelsea, MA. Shoe Box. Ilford MG fiber paper negative. 9-14 minute exposure.


Materials for turning the Oatmeal can into a pinhole camera.


Spam pinhole camera












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