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Hiding in Art: JR and Liu Bolin Collaborate (10 Photos)

French photographer JR by Zachary Bako

French photographer JR by Zachary BakoFrench photographer and street artist JR. © Zachary Bako

While doing an artist residency in Beijing, photographer Zachary Bako started documenting the contemporary art scene in China. But it wasn’t until he returned home to New York City that he would meet Liu Bolin, who was working on his series “Hiding in New York.” Bako began photographing Liu’s creative process for the images, which show Liu painted to blend into the background of various sites around the city.

Within six months, Bako relocated to Beijing and began his own series “Liu Bolin: The Process.” Using both still images and video, Bako continues to record and document what goes on behind the scenes in order for Liu to make photographs for his “Hiding in the City” series. Here, Bako chronicles a collaboration between Liu and French photographer JR. For the work, JR photographed Liu, enlarged the image, and pasted it on his studio’s exterior wall and door. Then Liu painted JR to blend into the image and photographed the resulting work.

Liu’s exhibit “Lost in Art” is currently on display at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York City through May 11.

French photographer JRJR photographing Liu. © Zachary Bako

JR and Liu BolinJR and Liu select the image that will eventually be blown up. © Zachary Bako

JR and his team paste the enlarged image to the exterior wall and front door of his studio in New York City. © Zachary Bako

JRJR photographing Liu’s portrait from across the street of his studio. © Zachary Bako

JR Liu BolinJR’s finished portrait of Liu. © Zachary Bako

Liu BolinLiu and his team paint JR so that he blends in with the portrait. © Zachary Bako

JRJR in disguise. © Zachary Bako

Liu BolinLiu on scaffolding, photographing JR from across the street. © Zachary Bako

JR “hiding” in his portrait of Liu. © Zachary Bako

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  1. Let’s see….. photos of photographers taking photos of photographers taking photos of photographers. No exactly “Photo of the Day” … why don’t you just call these “collections” PTHBDTD or “Photos That Have Been Done To Death”?

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