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The Far Side of the Moon

The Far Side of the Moon

© Lunar Orbiter I NASA: Earth Seen from the Far Side of the Moon, frame 102H. Vintage double silver print panorama, 17 x 44 in. (432 x 1118 mm), Aug 23, 1966; 16:35 GMT, on modern archival mount.

This is the first photograph of the Earth seen from the moon. Lunar Orbiter I was the first of five unmanned orbiter missions sent to obtain photographs of proposed Apollo landing sites. Its Kodak-designed photography system consisted of a dual-lens camera, on-board film processor, and readout equipment. An 80-mm lens provided wide coverage on negatives marked M (medium resolution), and a 610mm lens provided a smaller area of greater detail marked H (high resolution). Orbiter I was launched on August 10, 1966, began photographing on August 18, and made its last photograph August 29, before crashing into the moon. It completed 547 moon orbits, making 211 M frames and 211 H frames, from altitudes ranging from 45 to 1,454 km. Courtesy Charles Isaacs Photographs.

Charles Isaacs Photographs is one of 75 galleries showcasing photography during the AIPAD Photography Show New York from March 29 – April 1.


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