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Just Dance (10 Photos)

Just Dance (10 Photos)

All photos © Jordan Matter. Above: Summer in Harlem.

To create this body of work, Jordan Matter traveled the US photographing top professional dancers in everyday situations. Most of the locations and poses are discovered through a spontaneous collaboration with the dancers. Matter relies heavily on serendipity. He chooses a general area to meet, and asks the dancers to bring several clothing options. They walk around until something catches his eye and then improvise a scenario together. This project, titled “Dancers Among Us”, has been viewed tens of millions of times online, and featured in newspapers, blogs, magazines and television segments around the world. The book will be released nationally by Workman Publishing in the fall of 2012. See the full gallery, along with behind-the-scenes videos and press coverage here.

Weekend in the Hamptons


Christmas Blizzard in Times Square

A Night at the Opera

Flying High

Homage to Marilyn

Picking Flowers

Hot Gum

Coffee Bar

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  1. It’s really refreshing to see dance in our daily life situations. I was really amazed to see the pictures and the creative thinking empl;oyed by the photographer. I am totally mesmerised and rejunevated to do my photography in a different way.

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