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Stan Douglas: Disco Angola (6 Photos)

Stan Douglas: Disco Angola (6 Photos)

  All photos © Stan Douglas. Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner, New York. Above: Capoeira, 1974, 2012.

Fine art photographer Stan Douglas assumes the character of a fictitious photojournalist for his latest body of work, called Disco Angola, now on display at the David Zwirner gallery.  The exhibition presents eight works from the project, which explores the transformative foreign influences of New York City’s 1970s disco culture and the liberation in 1975 of Angola from Portuguese rule. Researching archival photographs, period costumes, and decor, Douglas meticulously recreated historical moments from the two locations that tie them together, and in the process, he probes questions about the veracity of photojournalism and the “decisive moment”.  This year Douglas will receive the ICP Infinity Award for Art.

 Exodus, 1975, 2012

 Coat Check, 1974, 2012

 Club Versailles, 1974, 2012

 Two Friends, 1975, 2012

Kung-Fu Fighting, 1975, 2012

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