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Out to Sea (3 Photos)

Out to Sea (3 Photos)

 All Photos © Corey Arnold.

Corey Arnold’s monograph Fish-Work: The Bering Sea, published by Nazraeli Press in association with Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, was recognized in the Photo Books category of last year’s Photo Annual. Corey Arnold worked as a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea waters off Alaska for seven years and lived to photograph the experience.

Still photos and videos submitted so far to the 2012 PDN Photo Annual include explorations of a wide range of personal, political, social and artistic issues.

The last chance to submit your personal work, photo book, advertising and editorial assignments, videos, Web sites and other recent work to the PDN Photo Annual is only days away. For information, visit the PDN Photo Annual gallery online very soon. We look forward to seeing what photographers have been exploring over the past year.

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