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Houses Made of Wood and Light (8 Photos)

Houses Made of Wood and Light (8 Photos)


All photographs © Jim Alinder/Courtesy University of Texas Press. Above: Winter house.

Jim Alinder photographed houses designed by West Coast modernist architect Hank Schubart for Houses Made of Wood and Light, a new book from University of Texas Press that looks at Schubart’s life and work—in particular his contribution to British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island, where he built more than 230 residential, commercial, educational and religious projects. Schubart’s work was defined by his ability to integrate a structure’s design into the natural landscape, and by his use of wood and glass.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-8The living room of “Monument,” the Schubart family house on Salt Spring Island.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-2The kitchen of Keys house.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-7Keys house entrance.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-9Kaiser-Drobac house, Orcas Island, Washington.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-3Kaiser-Drobac house.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-5Southend house exterior and pool.

Hank-Schubart-House-Jim-Alinder-4Pickering cottage, bridge to entrance.

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  1. Thank you. These beautiful photographs of Schubart’s works reflect the type of architecture that speaks to my soul. The ability to see nature from your nest, the careful use of stones and beams, the inviting bridges and walkways, all wonderful contributions.

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