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Gangster Party (2 Photos)

Gangster Party (2 Photos)


All photos © Jocelyn Bain Hogg/VII.

In The Firm, published in 2001, photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg told the story of London underworld gangsters like Reggie Kray, Freddie Foreman and Joey Pyle. In his new book The Family, he’s continued the story, this time spending years photographing Pyle’s son, Joe Pyle, Jr. and the three close friends he appointed to take over his enterprise. This extended family move in a new world of constant surveillance and increased competition.

“Now fathers themselves, they are far more circumspect about their activities than the retired villains who populate The Firm. The game has changed, and the Pyles are astute enough to recognize this.”

“The Family” is on exhibit at the VII Gallery in Brooklyn until March 2. Tonight at 7pm there will be an artist’s reception with Bain Hogg in conversation with Jamie Wellford, senior photo editor at Newsweek, starting at 7pm.

Above: Teddy Bambam and Alan Pyle celebrate Alan’s first night out after his release from prison with female companions at a bar in Knightsbridge, London. Below: Dave Thirston is seen at Dave Courtney’s Sunday party.

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