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Poisoned Beauty (10 Photos)

Poisoned Beauty (10 Photos)

All photos © Kyoko Hamada. Geiger counter, Iitate.

These photographs, taken by Kyoko Hamada, were originally commissioned by The New Yorker to illustrate Evan Osno’s piece, “Letter from Fukushima.” Hamada says she was struck by the natural richness of the Fukushima countryside when she first visited. “It was also heartbreaking knowing that it was polluted with radiation,” says the photographer, who was born in Tokyo but now lives in Brooklyn, New York. The New Yorker‘s Elissa Curtis observed that Hamada “captured the eerie feeling that permeated the towns she visited in Fukushima, and was able to accomplish the most difficult task of photographing what wasn’t there, or wasn’t necessarily visual: the immeasurable loss of life and livelihoods, and the looming threat of the nuclear fallout whose effects are still unknown.” Hamada will be speaking about her experience in Fukushima at a Lucid NYC event tonight, February 22, in New York City. Her work will also be part of the Dispatch from Tohoku group projection on March 11, featuring stories about the aftermath of the tsunami that struck northern Japan last year.

Kobayashi San, Iino

Sunflowers, Minamisouma

Food test, Fukushima


Thermal plant, Minamisouma

Beach, Minamisouma

Morning, Hisanohama

Bathtub, Hisanohama

Rainy morning, Haranomachi

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  1. Please add my accolades to those you’ve received. Your photos moved me and that’s the highest honor I acn bestow on any photographer.

  2. the field of sunflowers – that one really got to me. when will we learn to take care of what’s here? that’s one thing photography is for, to show us what we stand to lose.

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