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The Lonely Housewife (3 photos)

The Lonely Housewife (3 photos)

 © Bastienne Schmidt.

Bastienne Schmidt uses self-portraits to explore female gender identity in popular culture. She photographs herself in the role of a “housewife,” challenging our visions of a domestic utopia by re-staging many disconcertingly familiar scenarios and circumstances. Working in her own home environment of Long Island, Schmidt explores suburban fragmentation and loneliness with the presentation of her housewife character as a wandering, rootless protagonist.

This exhibition was on display at the Southeast Museum of Photography in the fall of 2010 and is currently available as a traveling exhibition organized by SMP.  Her book “Home Stills” was recently released by Jovis Press. -courtesy Southeast Museum.

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  1. The last photograph is the most poignant, I think. Something about it is just so haunting. She lives in a beautiful house, has a child, and yet is so lonely.

  2. the last without a doubt says the most. Number one and two are ridiculously staged especially with the string pulling her dress the theme of housewife gets too lost in 2. great stuff though. Love the light in the pines

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