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Ron Haviv: Tahrir Square One Year Ago (2 Photos)

Ron Haviv: Tahrir Square One Year Ago (2 Photos)

 All photos © Ron Haviv/VII
Above: A pro-Mubarak supporter is stopped from shouting slogans and eventually is beaten by anti-government protesters before being turned over to the Army in Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Today marks one year since anti-government protesters who had gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and the journalists covering the demonstrations, were overrun by mobs loyal to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The two sides battled with rocks, curb stones and Molotov cocktails, and gunfire could be heard around the Square. As Ron Haviv and other photographers reported to PDN from Cairo at the time, pro-Mubarak demonstrators turned on the press, assaulting several and taking or smashing photojournalists’ cameras.

Ron Haviv’s coverage of the Tahrir Square demonstrations was honored in the Photojournalism/Sports/Documentary category of the 2011 PDN Photo Annual. The extended deadline for PDN’s 2012 Photo Annual is February 17, 2012.

To view more contest entries or submit to the 2012 Photo Annual, visit www.pdnphotoannual.com.

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