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Sami: The People Who Walk With Reindeer (10 Photos)

Sami: The People Who Walk With Reindeer (10 Photos)

 All photos © Erika Larsen.
Erika Larsen’s long term project ‘Sami: The People Who Walk With Reindeer’ will be on exhibit at The Half King Gallery in NYC with an opening reception on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 7:30pm. Shot from 2007-2011, the project is an intimate look at one of the oldest nomadic herding cultures in the world. Larsen says, “I came here to understand the primal drive of the modern hunter and to find a people who, when the land spoke, could interpret its language. I also came in search of silence so I could begin to hear again.”

The reception will feature a film screening and slide-show with a discussion moderated by Erika and Sarah Leen, senior photo editor at National Geographic Magazine. The exhibit will run until March 13th. To see a more intimate glimpse of Larsen’s project, watch this short video.

-courtesy Redux.

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