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Slumber Party

Slumber Party

© Natalie Halford

 © Natalie Halford

The first public exhibition of the Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) 2011 Mentoring Program will take place at the Calumet Gallery in New York City on January 12th. The theme for the program is “Everything is Energy,” which the 60 mentees interpreted in a wide variety of ways to create a compelling collection of photo essays. Natalie Halford, from the University of Westminster, focused on photographing teenagers because “they are full of life and have boundless energy, they represent the now, however, everyone can relate to this energy as it is inscribed in all of us … we were all that age once.”

With financial assistance from ASMP Foundation, YPA coordinated 15 teams, mentored by 25 professional photographers, in cities around the world: U.S. (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego and Seattle), Canada (Toronto), China (Beijing), Thailand (Bangkok) and U.K. (London and Glasgow).

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  1. wow what a amazing picture.this is fun between friend and i also remember my university life when i am also enjoying these moment with my friend.so once again i remember my old day.i also to you that life is too short so please enjoy it.and capture these moment with camera.

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