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Remote Snowboarding Adventure (5 Photos)

Remote Snowboarding Adventure (5 Photos)

 All photos © Dean Blotto Gray.

Dean Blotto Gray has documented snowboarding for over 13 years. Based on the west coast, Blotto spends at least 250 days each year on the road.  He says, “Snowboarding can take you many places in search of fresh powder snow and terrain not previously seen by the masses. Our latest exploration brought us into Northwest British Columbia after hearing of heavy snowfall hitting this region during the first two weeks of December. In order to access a lot of terrain in a five-day span, we used snowmobiles, trail maps and a keen sense of adventure to locate some incredible areas. Each new zone delivered an eyeful of options for pictures, snowboard friendly environments and big smiles on our faces seeing how we found amazing snow in what’s been a very dry winter to date.”

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