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Michael Itkoff: Between Two Lakes (6 Photos)

Michael Itkoff: Between Two Lakes (6 Photos)

All Photos © Michael Itkoff.

This series by Michael Itkoff was made within five-hundred acres situated between two lakes in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Itkoff says, “To develop a relationship with a specific place, with a piece of land, with a view, with local trees and animals is a profound experience that unfolds over time. Although I have lived in many different places over the years I have managed to return to the same cabin in Pennsylvania for most of my life.”

Michael Itkoff is based between New York City and North Carolina.

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  1. wow….it is one of the best photography and excellent scenery.Nature. It’s worshiped by the Puritans, they believed it is holy since God created Nature. However, if God “created” nature, isn’t that contradictory to the concept of nature?

    Regardless, I believe it to be the purest form of life. No technology, no rapid advancements, just slow evolution over massive spans of time. It’s beautiful to see creatures come and go, survive, change, and ultimately perish. There’s no arguments in nature, there’s no bailout plan, no jobs, no lawsuits, no crime. There’s just… Nature.

    these picture show excellent nature of God.i love it.

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