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Mark Fisher: Extreme Skiing (7 Photos)

Mark Fisher: Extreme Skiing (7 Photos)

All photos © Mark Fisher. Above: Grand-Targhee, Grand-Teton Backcountry Skiing.

Today marks the 2011 winter solstice. For me the beginning of winter conjures up images of the grandeur and excitement of being in snow covered mountains, in particular while skiing. Mark Fisher’s graphic black and white ski images capture the magnificence and intensity of the backcountry, and the courage and ability of elite skiers in uncharted terrain, carving through waves of deep powder or flying down vertical drops.
When asked about  some of the challenges he faces while shooting, Fisher explained, “Shooting skiing can be one of the most challenging, as well as rewarding photographic pursuits.  There are the obvious hazards such as avalanches, skiing difficult and exposed terrain with a heavy camera pack, and going great distances in the mountains to get the right shot. To capture these images, one needs to be physically strong, technically skilled in the mountains, [and] skilled with the camera.  From an artistic standpoint it’s tough because you only get one chance, and there are a million variables.  The stakes are high, and often you’ve been sitting out the weather for weeks and have spent a lot of money on the shoot for the rewards of one, or maybe a few images.  There are no retakes for most of the ski work I do.  But there is nothing like shooting skiing.  Being in a snowy, beautiful, mountain environment is incredible.  The sun is lower in the winter and the light bounces off the snow like a giant reflector.  Snow, and winter, are by far my favorite mediums to work with because the light is so incredible. In winter I’m able to capture truly unique and powerful images.  More than anything, it’s the blend of my passions as a skier and an artist that come together in ski photography, and I find it wholly satisfying.”

Jeremy Nobis Powder Skiing in Haines, Alaska.

Sage Cattabriga Alosa, Alaska Extreme Skiing.

Ian McIntosh, Alaska Devil’s Thumb.

Erik Roner Powder Skiing in Haines Alaska.

Daron Rahlves, Alaska Extreme Skiing.

 Sage Cattabriga-Alosa skis “Hugs” outside of Juneau, Alaska while filming with TGR for their upcoming film: “One for the Road”.

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