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Mise en Scène (3 Photos)

Mise en Scène (3 Photos)

 All photos © Abby Robinson.

Abby Robinson’s ongoing series, In Camera, is a look into the old photo studios throughout Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Vietnam “where the past, the present, the traditional and the contemporary collide and where painted backgrounds and props give clues into notions of class, taste and aspiration.” So many of these painted backdrops and props are being replaced by digital post-production techniques, but the details of Robinson’s colorful panoramas remind us of the culturally rich creative process of in-camera studio photography.

Stairs & Stones (Sri Lanka)

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  1. Very nice series, Abby. Amazing array of colors in each photo, especially the last one. Also, seeing all the Kodak promo is very interesting. I was just reading about what a ‘hit’ the company has taken in the last few years, mostly because the haven’t made the digital transition.

  2. These are brilliant images in terms of color, composition, and an agile sense of humor, but the way they blur the real and the performed is what sends me. Visually they echo the large paintings of James Rosenquist but they feel like Joseph Cornell in a party hat. I love the whole series!

  3. Bravo Abby! I like the tranquility of these deserted interiors they retain some sort of an “impression” from all the ghosts who have posed here, sat on those chairs, smiled into the view camera. Would have been useful to add the age of these studios, like “first opened in the 1970’s?”…have they been converted into digital studio now? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Photography rediscovered, everything is there, colors, naivety, publicity, retro, in three pictures you feel in another world

  5. I love this series. The sensibility of the studio decor is like some eternal, slightly surreal 50’s of the soul. Far from Heaven meets Asia.

  6. I love this series.
    They are mysterious. I know what and where they were shot but this is not the mystery solved.
    Another world. Another level of awareness. The unknown the unknowable. They transport.
    Does MOMA know about these?

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