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Yanks Learn Fast, 1944

Yanks Learn Fast, 1944

 © ACME Photo, 1944.

“Grunts” is military vernacular for United States Army or Marine foot soldiers who make up the bulk of the armed services. Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, Panopticon Gallery presents “Grunts: The G.I. Experience” curated by Jim Fitts from December 7, 2011 – January 10, 2012.  This exhibition features images from the war in Korea by Harold Feinstein alongside images by Robert Capa and Press photographs from WWII.

Images in “Grunts” are not repeatedly produced heroic propaganda. Instead, they are “personal and very human,” says curator Jim Fitts, who hopes viewers will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the courageous soldiers. Photographs on display in this exhibition are courtesy Panopticon Gallery and Lee Gallery.

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  1. I agree with Les above, there is a very warm friendly feel to this photo, probably helped by the fact that the two men are either side of a very pretty woman but still a very heartening photo which brings a smile to my face.

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