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Venezia in Black and White (5 Photos)

 Venezia in Black and White (5 Photos)

 © Renato D’Agostin.

The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia, is the fourth publication of photographer Renato D’Agostin. D’Agostin’s work in the darkroom brings these sliver gelatin prints to life. His eye is drawn to a hidden angle of beauty that many people over look – showing his audience something they haven’t seen in the most beautiful city in the world.

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  1. The artist is re-definiing the language of photography. Using traditional methods and rooted
    in a classical aesthetic, he presents a new vision, both gentle and bold. The portrayal of
    Venice is veiled in a kind of early morning fog of consciousness, where awareness is only
    suggestive and implied. What is clear is the artist’s confidence in his craft, and his gifted
    ability to connect with the viewer in an and honest and totally fresh way.

  2. Fantastico! Riesci sempre a cogliere momenti che sembrano semplici ma che hanno dietro un intenso saper vedere. Sai creare immagini uniche con contrasti e armonie che solo grande passione e sensibilità riescono a percepire per poi trasmettere sincere emozioni (i gabbiani ti vengono sempre in aiuto, armonia con la barca e la linea scura sopra)-(le due texture sospese)-(l’ombra sul campanile e la finestrella) ecc. ecc.
    Ti meriti il successo che stai avendo! Ciao

  3. It really is difficult to photograph Venice as it is one of the most exposed cities in the world. But ,of course , Mr. D’Agostin has accomplished to remind us how beautiful Venice really is even though it has become an object of tourism.

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