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Kiss Me, You Fool (5 Photos)

Kiss Me, You Fool (5 Photos)

All Photos © Marta Soul

Madrid based photographer Marta Soul’s series, “Idilios,” is currently on view at the Kopeikin Gallery until December 24th. The exhibit, which takes its name from a lyrical Spanish word for “romances,” portrays the artist’s alter ego kissing different men in romantic situations. The scenarios, constructed in settings such as a golf course, jewelry shop, and hotel suite, idealize the way the woman consumes the different men, and moments, as fully as possible. Marta Soul says the work originates from “trying to understand how we integrate our emotions into a consumer lifestyle in which everything has to be attractive, yet has an expiration date because there is a constant search to change for something better.”

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  1. Technically very good.

    Topic is very boring although. Images appeal to a romantic that it is so unreal to human relationships in 21st. century…

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