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Summoning the Dark Side (5 photos)

Summoning the Dark Side (5 photos)

© Laura Bell

Motifs of macabre and mysticism have been visible in art since it’s inception. The curiosity of both the tragic and the transcendent dates back to pre-historic cultures, and remain a common theme in contemporary art. Since the advent of the photograph , people have attempted to capture on film what is unseen by the naked eye. From the crime scenes of Weegee to the ever-popular genre of spirit photography, we are compelled to document that which questions and transcends our earthly existence.

“Macabre & Mysticism” marks the inaugural exhibition at Red Roots Gallery, an exhibition and event space created to support emerging artists by providing a platform for the exchange and outreach of new ideas and projects in the arts.The show includes thirty works of art, both photography and video, carefully chosen by Guest Curator Corinne May Botz.The exhibition is rooted in dark narratives that lie just beneath the surface of everyday life, and includes sixteen artists, whose work was selected from an open call for submission.

In collaboration with Conveyor Arts, the Red Roots Gallery will feature exhibitions curated from open-call submissions, including themed group exhibitions, solo artist shows and new curatorial projects. They will also feature organized critique groups and put on artist lectures, panel discussions and other events that create an open arena for artists and the community to expand ideas and take them further.

-courtesy Red roots Gallery.

 © Chelsey Morell

 © Maragret Wiatrowski.

 © Darin Mickey.

 © Brea Souders

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