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Release The Hounds

Release The Hounds

 © Chris Buck.  Above: David Cross.

Chris Buck made news this summer with his Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover but he’s been kicking around celebrities and other dogs for over twenty years. We’re excited that he’ll be speaking at PDN’s Photo Plus Expo on Friday October 28th at 1:30 PM, BUCK NAKED: The Secrets Behind Master Photographer Chris Buck.

Mr. Buck begin his photography career 23 years ago, but you probably didn’t notice him until fairly recently, which, he believes, is one of the central keys to his success. In this entertaining session he’ll take us back to those crucial early years, where his unorthodox decisions led him to the success and creative freedom he enjoys today. Buck keeps no professional secrets as he takes you through his colorful career.

And, even though he swears that he rarely bad-mouths clients on his new blog, he is proud of it nevertheless.

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  1. In response to many outraged and mistaken comments that have appeared about this image (see a few samples here: http://chrisbucknews.wordpress.com/) David Cross is not really kicking a dog, and Chris Buck is not being cruel to a live dog. As he explained in his PhotoPlus Expo seminar, Buck got a stuffed dog from a prop house. “We just threw it up in the air,” he said:

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