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Famous Battlefields, Now At Peace (10 Photos)

Famous Battlefields, Now At Peace (10 Photos)

All Photos © Peter Hebeisen.

Swiss photographer Peter Hebeisen has visited 50 of the most famous European battlefields of the 20th century. Though once the epicenters of drama, these landscapes appear still and peaceful, like the calm after a storm. Hebeisen, who is based in Zurich and Paris, drove thousands of miles, capturing contemplative images in large format, in a project that attempts to come to grips with the past.  Twenty of Hebeisen’s large-format images are now on view in “Metamorphosis & Myth” at Gallery 291 in San Francisco through November 5.

Above: Battle of Halbe, Germany (April 24, 1945 to May 1, 1945).

Siege of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogevia (April 5, 1992- February 29, 1996).

 Battle of Britain, Dover Coast (July 10, 1940-October 31, 1940)

 Siege of Leningrad (St.Petersburg), Russia (September 8, 1941-January 27, 1944)

 Battle of Monte Cassino, Italy (January 17-May18, 1944)

Battle of Gallipoli, Anzac (April 25, 1915-January 9, 1916)

Battle of Vittorio Veneto, Italy (October 24-November 3, 1918)

Battle of Kursk,  Prokhorovka (July 12, 1943)

Battle of Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula (October 30, 1941-July 4, 1942)

Operation Overlord III, Omaha Beach (June 6, 1944)

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  1. to olga,
    Bleda y Rosa are excellent artist. I know them personally. their series”campo de batalla” was produced between 2004 until 2006. I’ve started my series around 2000. Due to the enormous research and around 40,000 km driven across a continent it took me a while to finish…..
    and then there are many films, photographs, literature treating given subject like war or love.

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