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Gary Briechle: Wet Plate Portraits (4 Photos)

Gary Briechle: Wet Plate Portraits (4 Photos)

All photos © Gary Briechle/Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago.

The wrinkle of an aging hand; the piercing eyes of a young girl at the edge of puberty; the solitude of a young man resting his head along the water’s edge — these are some of the quiet moments captured by Gary Briechle, who makes Collodion wet-plate enlargements of his family, friends and strangers in the small towns and rugged terrain that hug the Maine coast. With great patience and care, Briechle photographs the details that make us unique, celebrating the beauty and imperfections of the human form. These are luscious photographs made with a 19th century process which forces an intimacy between the photographer and subject, to which the viewer is a privileged witness. An exhibition of Briechle’s work will be on view at the Catherine Edelman Gallery from Nov. 4 until Dec,. 31, 2011.

Gary also has a forthcoming book published by Twin Palms. You can see the book and description here.

-Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago.

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  1. Awesome talent. – Especially love the man on the water’s edge. (Have to say, though, we’ve seen Mom looking a lot better!)

    Best wishes, Gary. You’re a dedicated artist!

  2. Gary, I was looking to contact you in regards to you possibly having taken more photos of my son Brian than I’ve seen. Brian lived in Camden, Maine. Brian passed away the first of August and I was hoping that you might have some. He lived on Oak street with a girl named max and it was next door to Isiah’s , a few years back. You also had taken one at the park within this last year, together with his friend Kat. Iam just not sure how to contact you. Please advise. Sincerely, Teresa

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