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New Photography in Korea (5 photos)

New Photography in Korea (5 photos)

 © Kim In Sook.

New Photography in Korea II is now on view in Paris at Galerie Paris Beijing. The exhibition features works by a dozen young Koreans “on the cusp of international recognition,” according to the curators. “[Their work] represents principal currents in contemporary Korean photography: Urbanisation, globalisation, consumption, identity, culture, memory, family, sexuality, the fabric of society…” The exhibition closes October 29.

Above: In her series Saturday Night, Kim In Sook constructs the fantasy of every voyeur: The curtains are wide open in all 66 windows of a hotel, shamelessly exposing the occupants as they go about their business, some of it quite intimate.

© Dorothy M. Yoon

Dorothy M. Yoon explores the contrast between the exquisite, extravagant fashion style of some Korean women, and their cold, porcelain doll-like expressions, raising questions about the clash of Asian culture with Western standards of beauty.

© Hwa Duck Hun.

Pusan, Korea, is the hometown of Hwa Duck Hun, and the country’s second largest metropolis. He uses an 8×10 inch camera to magnify the form and color of the city’s architecture, giving it the appearance of a Greek port.

Won Seoung Won.

Won Seong Won’s My Age of Seven series evokes the rural region of Korea where Won grew up by combining photographs that are infused with symbols and references to Korean legends.

© Kwang Mo.

Creating scenes that are at once strange and familiar, Kwang Mo invites us to share a dream from a surreal universe.

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