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Surf Odyssey (4 Photos)

Surf Odyssey (4 Photos)

 All photos © Chris Burkard.

“We hiked 12 miles to get to this remote beachbreak, (pictured above)” says California-based surf photographer Chris Burkard. “It was worth every step.”  A staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, Burkard spends most of his time traveling, and strives to document not only the action, but the in-between moments and the lifestyle of the sport.

 Mike Losness laying into a wave against a perfect Central California sunset.

“It seems that every trip to Mexico either brings good stories or good waves,” Burkard says. “On this trip we were lucky enough to get both, as Ben Bourgeois’s carve is overshadowed by the size of the rocks.”

The cold waters of Iceland having very little effect on Mike Losness. This was one of the few times houses were seen on our entire trip.

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