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As Dust Alights (9 Photos)

As Dust Alights (9 Photos)

All photos © Vincent Delbrouck

Photographer Vincent Delbrouck integrates his personal, contextual and fictional perspectives to produce lasting impressions of the countries he chooses to explore. Working with various media and materials, he uses literature and images to create a type of “poetic documentary”–fictionalized autobiographies, in effect, that viewers can incorporate into their own personal narratives. Over the last several years, he has been working in Nepal. Previously, he had been in Cuba, where he assembled, recycled and recomposed fragments of his eight-year experience there into a series titled Beyond History (Havana 1998-2006). Delbrouck, who was born in Brussels in 1975, has exhibited his work in solo and group shows throughout Europe, the United States and México. His monograph, Beyond History, was a finalist for the Book of the Year Award at Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie in 2009.

-courtesy Charles Guice Contemporary.

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