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The Brooklyn Circus

The Brooklyn Circus

© John Midgley/Stockland Martel

All Photos © John Midgley/Stockland Martel.

Photographer John Midgley has lived next to the Brooklyn Circus’ flagship store for the past five years. His fascination with the store’s staff, clothing and clientele inspired him to create a series of images featuring the many characters of the Brooklyn Circus. In these photographs, old meets new with the sort of whimsy and ease that can only happen in Brooklyn. All the models (and non-models) are involved with the company. It’s this sense of community that sets Midgley’s project apart from other retail campaigns.

Though Midgley began with no clear commercial goals in mind, his pictures soon appeared in the store’s windows and in several small advertisements. He and the creatives at Brooklyn Circus now hope to publish a photography book of the series.

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