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Family Value (7 Photos)

Family Value  (7 Photos)

© Annabel Clark. Above: Carmen and Lupita, 2011.

For their summer portrait salon Michael Mazzeo Gallery asked artists for their interpretations of family. Here are just a few images by the 23 artists represented in the exhibition, Family Value.  The exhibition closes today at 5:30 pm.

Family Value presents observations and interpretations of contemporary family relationships. A salient reflection of our times, much of the imagery is filled with ambiguity, anxiety, and contradiction, yet with an equal sense of strength, compassion and humor. Free from traditional constructs and definitions, these artists provide us with a broad and insightful view into the complex intimacies that define our character and shape our lives.

-Courtesy Michael Mazzeo Gallery

 © Annabel Clark. Above: Carmen and Lupita’s Doll, 2009

Most people see the first image simply as a portrait of two sisters lying on a bed, not noticing that Carmen and Lupita are conjoined twins. The second image usually, but not always, stops viewers and sends them back for another look at the previous one. Annabel, who often works for non-profit aid agencies, has been photographing the girls since 2008.

 © Will Steacy. Pink Face, New Orleans, 2005 (from The Human Stain).

 © Stacy Renee Morrison. Drawing of Mom, 2003.

 © Josh Quigley. Angela, Al, Lars, Lolita, and Felix, 2007.

 © Rachelle Mozman. En El Cuarto Del Niña.

 © Katharina Lepik, 2011. Katharina creates her own alternative family by searching for women (and men) who look like her and could conceivably be taken as her siblings or parents. Through a careful combination of costume, gesture, and gaze, the double portraits are often convincing. It isn’t until Katharina sees the printed image that she often realizes that her accomplices don’t look as much like her as she originally thought.

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  1. I did the exact same double take on the first image as well. I first had wondered if they were conjoined and then the second image made me do a double take. Great shots!

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