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Nathan Ellis Perkel: X-Games Athletes (6 photos)

Nathan Ellis Perkel: X-Games Athletes (6 photos)

All photos © Nathan Ellis Perkel. Above:  Robbie Maddison.

Nathan Ellis Perkel worked with ESPN’s photo editor Joe Rodriguez on a feature called, “Home Cookin” for their fan issue. Perkel says, “I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in May and June traveling around the country shooting these five portraits of X-Games athletes in their private training facilities. I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite and most rewarding assignments to date. The first of all our shoots [was] with Robbie Maddison at his Temecula motocross park perched in his front yard…. We witnessed Robbie practice a ‘body varial’ into his brand new $100,000 foam pit, a trick never landed in competition.”

 Robbie Maddison.

 Travis Pastrana

“After spending his whole morning on a film shoot for an ESPN commercial with his crew from Nitro Circus, Pastrana instantly changed gears and jumped on his mini bike for a quick back-flip over his front yard vertical ramp, then proceeded to bounce from trampoline to golf cart doing wheelies.”

 Curren Caples
“It is really amazing how effortless Caples’ front-side carves on the vertical wall (seen above) were first thing in the morning of our shoot. Doing it over and over to get the right expression for our portrait, he kept bouncing around his park, blasting off every possible hip in the building while he waited for each shot.”

 Sean Malto
“Maltos’ Kansas City park is about as perfect as it gets which might explain how he is so flawless on a skateboard.”

 Brian Kachinsky
“Out of all the guys we shot, Brian was by far the most excited about the shoot, and definitely went out on a limb for us, riding for hours and getting a handful of tricks in his hand-built park located in an abandoned bakery in Chicago. He was super enthusiastic about having us there, and went to great lengths to make sure every image was up to par and worthy of being seen by the magazine.”

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